The ‘Bonooni’ Effect

Alethea's Mind

One day, I was scrolling past my timeline on Facebook and noticed a certain video that had been trending among a portion of my circle for some days but I partially ignored. Somehow at this point, when KD shared it on his wall, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore, so I clicked on it and started to watch.

And that was it.

I was hooked.

I watched it one more time, and then another. And when Boo of life came home, I played it again. And when Youtube recommended another video, I’ll let their recommendation  play, but half way through, I’ll go right back to my original video. That was how I played it countless number of times till Drama Queen started to sing along (to her version, of course), and dance too.

So what is this mystery song? Of course it’s no mystery, considering the title of this…

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Hi guys! so yesterday I was reviewing my resolutions or should I say to do list for the year 2017. This year I decided to start a blog so I guess here we are. I’m not such a fan of blogs and well writing in general. As to why am doing this am not too sure myself, but am doing it anyway… I have a few thoughts I want to share with the world, and you sure will learn something as you read my blog. Lets get interactive!